California Agricultural Teachers' Association

Mark Your Calendar

August 7 - Executive Committee Meeting, Galt

September 22-23 - Southern Region Meeting, Mission Bay

September 23 - North Coast Region Meeting, Dixon

October 15 - South Coast Region Meeting, Hollister

Oct 23-28 - National FFA Convention,Indianapolis, IN

November 3 - Superior Region Meeting, Alturas

November 4 - Cotton State Finals, CSU, Fresno

November 15-16 - New Professionals Conference, Fresno

November 17-18 - San Joaquin Region Meeting, Tenaya Lodge

November 18 - Central Region Meeting, Elk Grove

November 30 - December 2 - Community College Midwinter Institute, Solvang

December 5-9 - NAAE Conference, Nashville

January 4-5 - Student Teacher Conclave, Modesto

January 11-12 – Winter Governing Board, Galt

January 20 – Natural Resources State Finals, Reedley College

February 3 – Winter State Finals - Citrus, Tree and Vine Pruning, CSU-Fresno

February 24 - Central Region Meeting, Modesto JC

February 24 - San Joaquin Region Meeting, Tulare

February 26 - South Coast Region, San Luis Obispo

March 10 - Superior Region Meeting, Chico

March 24- North Coast Region Meeting, Kelseyville

April 7 - Southern Region Meeting, Pomona

April 21 - CSU-Fresno Field Day, CSU-Fresno

April 22-25 - State FFA Leadership Conference, Anaheim

April 25-28 - NAAE Region 1 Meeting, Utah

May 5 - State FFA Judging Finals, Cal Poly, SLO

June 245 - Executive Committee Meeting, Cal Poly, SLO

June 24 - Pre-Conference Governing Board, Cal Poly, SLO

June 24-28 - CATA Summer Conference, Cal Poly, SLO

June 28 - Governing Board Summer Retreat, San Luis Obispo

Awards and Applications

Applications - Postmarked by February 15th.
Mail to:  CATA, PO Box 186, Galt, CA  95632

Outstanding Ag Program

Outstanding Ag Program * (scoring rubric)
Outstanding Ag Program - Post Secondary Division *

Complete only the following sections of the Outstanding Ag Program applications for each level of competition:
Sectional Level: Section 1, Section 2 (parts a, c, and e), and Section 4
Regional Level: Section 1, Section 2 (parts a, c, e, and f), Section 3 (include only two pages of supporting materials), and Section 4
State Level: Section 1, Section 2 (parts a, c, d, e, f, and h), Section 3 (include only four pages of supporting materials), and Section 4

Other Awards
Outstanding Ag Teacher(scoring rubric)
The purpose of this award is to recognize outstanding agricultural education teachers who have taught at least twenty years for their participation and leadership in civic, community, agriculture/agribusiness, and professional activites.

Outstanding Young Member * (scoring rubric)

Teacher of Excellence
* (scoring rubric)

Agriscience Teacher of the Year * (scoring rubric)

Teacher Mentor * (scoring rubric)

*Each application must include a separate statement of 150 words or less about yourself and/or your program along with three to five pictures (must be submitted electronically or on USB flash drive) for presentation purposes at the CATA awards banquet. This page will not be seen by the members of the scoring committee.

NAAE "Teachers Turn the Key" (Application) - Only one applicant from California is eligible to apply for the scholarship at the national level each year. Applications due to CATA by February 15th.

Owl Award Form

State Officer Application

CATA Scholarship Application

CATA Hall of Fame Nomination Form

Teacher of Teachers

Thirty Minute Club

Service Award

Founders Award

Idea Show Awards

Applications are in MS-Word format.

Teacher of Teachers

Purpose: To identify and recognize teachers having former students teaching agriculture.

Selection: The award covers a five year period and is based on the number of nominations the CATA member receives during the five year period of time. The student teachers from the five universities have two nominations each to acknowledge the most influential person that encouraged them to enter the agriculture teaching profession.

Award: Recipients are presented a certificate during a CATA Summer Conference General Session based on the following criteria:
1. Bronze certificate - one or two former students became teachers of agriculture.
2. Silver certificate - three or four former students became teachers of agriculture.
3. Gold certificate - five or more former students became teachers of agriculture.

Thirty Minute Club
Purpose: The purpose is to encourage members to publicize activities of education in and about agriculture by issuing "Thirty Minute Club" certificates and/or seals to those who have met the requirements.

A member must have spent a minimum of thirty minutes preparing an article or picture(s) for publication in farm, professional or other magazines, preparing scripts for use on radio or television stations, or producing video communication pieces.

Additional requirements:
1. Must be a current member of CATA.
2. The year of recognition shall be from one state conference or annual meeting to the next.
3. CATA members are eligible to receive one "Thirty Minute Club" certificate every three years and a seal annually.
4. Media using the candidates material must have reached beyond the borders of California.

Service Award
Purpose: To recognize teachers for their continuous service to the agricultural youth of California.

Selection: Presented to CATA members who have successfully and productively completed fifteen to forty years of service as a teacher of agriculture. Service awards are presented at fifteen, twenty, twenty-five, thirty, thirty-five, and forty years.

Award: A certificate is presented to qualifying members at CATA's Summer Conference.

Founders Award
Purpose: The purpose of this award is to honor a CATA member who has had an extremely important influence on CATA policies and/or activities. This award shall be considered the consummate award a CATA member may receive.

Selection: CATA members may nominate potential candidates. Nominations are to be sent to the CATA Office by April 15. The CATA Executive Committee will serve as the selection committee for the award and will make the selection at its May meeting.

Award: The award will be a plaque presented at the banquet on Wednesday night during the Annual CATA Conference. The recipient's name will also be entered on a Permanent Roster, which will be located in the CATA Office. The roster will also be displayed at the conference in San Luis Obispo.

Past Winners:

H. H. Burlingham 1983
Larry Rathbun 1984
Donald E. Wilson 1987
Jerry T. Davis 1987
Warren D. Reed 1991
Kenneth Harris 1993
Ted Gregg 1999

Idea Show Awards
Purpose: The purpose of this award is to recognize creativity and imagination among agricultural educators. New and innovative teaching ideas, activities, and projects for use in agriculture classrooms need to be shared with others. This award program encourages educators to share their best new teaching ideas with others in agricultural education.

Selection: This award program recognizes new ideas in eleven areas:

1. Ag Production/Processing and Products
2. Ag Mechanics
3. Ornamental Horticulture
4. Natural Resources/Rural Recreation/Forestry
5. Ag Science/Farm Labs
6. Departmental Operations
7. FFA Operations
8. SAE
9. Working with Support Groups (i.e. Ag Advisory, Ag Boosters, etc.)
10. Floral Design
11. Ag Business

To enter, simply bring your ideas to Summer Conference and display them during the Farm and Idea Show on Tuesday afternoon. Selection of the top three entries in each area is done by popular vote of those attending the Farm and Idea Show. Winners are announced during the final business session on Thursday morning.

Award: Monetary awards for first through third places in each area are as follows:

First: $20.00
Second: $15.00
Third: $10.00

In addition, the entry selected as the overall outstanding idea is awarded a $50 cash prize.