California Agricultural Teachers' Association

Mark Your Calendar

July 29 - Executive Committee Meeting

August 11 - Governing Board

September 18-19 - Southern Region Meeting

September 25 - North Coast Region Meeting

October 11 - South Coast Region Meeting

Oct 28-Oct 31 - National FFA Convention

November 5-6 - New Professionals Conference, Fresno

November 7 - Cotton State Finals, CSU, Fresno

November 21 - Central Region Meeting

November 21 - San Joaquin Region Meeting

December 1-5 - NAAE Conference, Nashville, TN

December 15 - Superior Region Meeting

December 4 - Community College Midwinter Institute

January 7-8 - Student Teacher Conclave

January 17-18 - CATA Advanced Leadership Conference, Wonder Valley

January 17-18 – Winter Governing Board, Wonder Valley

January 23 – Natural Resources State Finals, Reedley College

February 1-2 - Supervising Teachers Institute

February 6 – Winter State Finals - Citrus, Tree and Vine Pruning, CSU-Fresno

February 19-20 - North Coast Region Meeting, Arcata HS

February 20 - San Joaquin Region Meeting, Mission Oak HS,Tulare

February 22 - South Coast Region Meeting, Cuesta College, SLO

February 27 - Southern Regin Meeting, Cal Poly Pomona

February 27 - Central Region Meeting

March 13 - Superior Region Meeting, Chico HS

March 20-23 - State FFA Leadership Conference

April 17 - CSU-Fresno Field Day, CSU, Fresno

April 20-23- NAAE Region 1 Meeting, Bozeman, Montana

May 1 - State FFA Judging Finals, Cal Poly, SLO

June 20 - Executive Committee Meeting, Cal Poly, SLO

June 20 - Pre-Conference Governing Board, Cal Poly, SLO

June 20-24 - CATA Summer Conference, Cal Poly, SLO

June 24 - Governing Board Summer Retreat, San Luis Obispo

2021 Curricular Code Changes

The following contests on List B will be up for review this year:

Agricultural Issues Forum Agricultural Sales Extemoraneous Public Speaking
General Rules Grapevine Judging Land Judging
Meat Judging Milk Quality & Dairy Foods Natural Resource Management
Nursery/Landscape Prepared Public Speaking Small Engines
Vegetable Crop Judging Veterinary Science Agricultural Communications (Trial Contest)


*No requests to open contest.  

Requests received to open the following contests:

CATA Curricular Code

If you want to make any changes to the existing contest, you must adhere to the following format:
1. All changes must be in to the CATA Office by June 1.

2. Changes must be submitted on the Curricular Code Change Proposal template and emailed to

3. It is the contest chair's responsibility to ensure that the proposed Curricular Code changes do not conflict with General Rules, if so, then a request to open General Rules must be made.

4. All electronically submitted changes will be posted on the website at

5. It is recommended that you, or a representative, are in attendance at the pre-conference governing board meeting to answer any questions regarding proposed Curricular Code changes to contests that are requested to be opened out of rotation. - TBD

*Only those changes submitted by June 1, will be allowed to be made to the contest. No other changes allowed.

2021 Curricular Code Committee Meetings