California Agricultural Teachers' Association

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June 23 - Governing Board

September 16-17 - Southern Region Meeting

September 30 - October 1 - North Coast Region Meeting
Superior Region Meeting

October 9 - South Coast Region Meeting

Oct 26-Oct 29 - National FFA Convention

November 5 - Cotton State Finals, CSU, Fresno

November 8-9 - New Professionals Conference, Fresno

November 18-19 - Central Region Meeting

November 18-19 - San Joaquin Region Meeting

November 27 - December 1 - NAAE Conference, Las Vegas

November 30 - December 3 - Community College Midwinter Institute

January 5-6 - Student Teacher Conclave

January 13 - CATA Winter Governing Board

January 21 – Natural Resources State Finals, Reedley College

January 29-30 - Supervising Teachers Institute

February 4 – Winter State Finals - Citrus, Tree and Vine Pruning, CSU-Fresno

February 11 - Superior Region Meeting, Chico

February 25 - San Joaquin Region Meeting, Tulare

February 25 - Central Region Meeting

February 27 - South Coast Region Meeting, Atascadero

March 3-4 - UC Davis Field Day

March 16-19 - State FFA Leadership Conference

April 1 - North Coast Region Meeting, Livermore

April 1 - Southern Region Meeting, Cal Poly Pomona

April 22 - CSU, Fresno Field Day

May 6 - State FFA Judging Finals, Cal Poly, SLO

June 25 - Executive Committee Meeting, Cal Poly, SLO

June 25 - Pre-Conference Governing Board, Cal Poly, SLO

June 25-29 - CATA Summer Conference, Cal Poly, SLO

June 29 - Governing Board Summer Retreat, San Luis Obispo

CATA Hall of Fame - Class of 2005

Richard Boucher

Tulare HS

Teacher of Excellence

Richard Boucher spent his entire 33-1/2 year career teaching agriculture at the Tulare High School District. During his tenure the program grew from about 50 students and one FFA Chapter to 600 students and two chapters. He was strongly involved in the CATA for 34 years. He was the agriculture department chairman of the five-teacher department for 27 years. His dedication and commitment to the youth of Tulare, and the positive role model he provided through teaching and counseling has earned the respect and admiration of the community. Richard strongly supported the FFA and SOE programs at Tulare Union, Tulare Western, and the State of California. Many of his former students are still involved in either farming, or the agriculture industry. His community involvement includes serving on boards, church activities and service clubs.


Larry Crabtree

Sutter HS

Teacher of Excellence

In 36 years Larry Crabtree has raised three children and built a tremendous agriculture program at Sutter High School. His 95 State and six American FFA Degree winners are just a fraction of the students who have achieved excellence under his tutelage. He has been a positive caring role model for the profession who rallied the troops and lead the charge to "Save our Bureau" and reinstate regional delivery of agriculture education. His inspirational style has touched students and peers alike. Larry Crabtree is what agriculture education leaders should be, innovative, committed, caring and a person of action. He is always able to provide perspective with humor and wisdom. His community, his school, his students, and his peers are better for having rubbed shoulders with this gentle giant.


Leonard Eugene DeRuiter

Hanford HS

Teacher of Excellence

Leonard DeRuiter graduated from Hanford High School in 1958, attended college, entered the Peace Corps, and returned as an agriculture instructor at Hanford High School in 1965. He spent his entire 37 year career at Hanford where he retired in 2002. During Leonard's tenure at Hanford High School students excelled in competitive events. During his 37 years, Hanford FFA won more state and national championships than any other chapter in California. The Hanford program produced three national FFA officers during his career. While at Hanford he supervised 40 plus student teachers and hosted student teacher tours of the Hanford program.