California Agricultural Teachers' Association

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July 9 - Governing Board

September 18 - Southern Region Meeting

September 25 - North Coast Region Meeting

October 10 - South Coast Region Meeting

Oct 27-Oct 30 - National FFA Convention

November 4-5 - New Professionals Conference, Fresno

November 6 - Cotton State Finals, CSU, Fresno

November 12 - Superior Region

November 20 - Central Region Meeting

November 20 - San Joaquin Region Meeting

November 30 - December 4 - NAAE Conference, New Orleans

December 2-4 - Community College Midwinter Institute

January 6-7 - Student Teacher Conclave

January 14 - CATA Winter Governing Board

January 22 – Natural Resources State Finals, Reedley College

January 31 - February 1 - Supervising Teachers Institute

February 5 – Winter State Finals - Citrus, Tree and Vine Pruning, CSU-Fresno

February 12 - Southern Region Meeting, Cal Poly Pomona

February 26 - San Joaquin Region Meeting, Mission Oaks HS, Tulare

February 26 - Central Region Meeting, Cosumnes River College, Sacramento

February 28 - South Coast Region Meeting, San Luis Obispo HS, SLO

February 28 - North Coast Region Meeting, Ferndale Fairgrounds

March 4-5 - UC Davis Field Day

March 12 - Superior Region Meeting, Chico HS

March 26-29 - State FFA Leadership Conference

March 2 CRC Field Day-

April 9 - CSU, Fresno Field Day

April 25-27- NAAE Region 1 Meeting, Washington

May 7 - State FFA Judging Finals, Cal Poly, SLO

June 19 - Executive Committee Meeting, Cal Poly, SLO

June 19 - Pre-Conference Governing Board, Cal Poly, SLO

June 19-23 - CATA Summer Conference, Cal Poly, SLO

June 23 - Governing Board Summer Retreat, San Luis Obispo

CATA Hall of Fame - Class of 2018

Gerald "Jerry" Clark

1971-1975 Cal Poly, SLO, 1976-1976 Galt High School,
1976-2009 Templeton High School, 2003-2014 Cal Poly, SLO

Teacher of Excellence
Honorary American FFA Degree

Not from a farming background, Jerry’s parents wholly supported his considerable 4-H and FFA endeavors growing up in Grass Valley.  With Dr. Jerry T. Davis, Bob Paasch, Dennis Hampton, and Clayton Oiler as his Nevada Union HS agriculture teachers, it is fair to say he drank the Kool-Aid and was destined to become an agriculture teacher himself.  Jerry married hometown girl Pam Benton, a union that would produce a get-of-sire: Kevin, Susan, Matt, and Chad, ALL of whom have agriculture-based jobs and careers. 

Becoming an Old School agriculture teacher was a conscious decision for Jerry.  It was a good decision and a rewarding vocation. Working with the gamut of students at Galt, Templeton, and Cal Poly, and seeing the lightbulb come on was the real paycheck.  CATA has served as a family.  For this agriculture teacher, CATA provided a source of leadership, fellowship, and delivered the resources to help operate the very best program for his students.


David DeSilva

1972-1976 Cal Poly, SLO, 1999-2003 U.C. Davis/CSU Fresno, 1976-1979 Riverdale High School,
1979-1984 Hanford High School, 1984-2014 College of the Sequoias

Outstanding Young Member, CATA
Teacher of Excellence
Honorary American FFA Degree
Honorary Golden State FFA Degree

The son of immigrant parents raised on the dairy shaped his way of thinking for a lifetime. Daily work with no days off was the norm. Adjusting to another language at school was to be expected. Little time after evening work for studies, and if there was, he was tired. The magic happened when he became involved in FFA. David discovered his passion. As a teacher, recognizing how he lived as a child had a profound impact on how he would teach, coach, work, believe, and enjoy.  Fortunate to share these family farm values with his students!

Student success always paramount for Mr. DeSilva, he coached 5 national champion teams in the dairy products and meat judging areas as well as 14 nationally recognized collegiate meats teams.


Flint FreemanFlint Freeman

1963-1967 Cal Poly, SLO, 1968-1978 Apple Valley High School, 1972-1974 Victor Valley College,
1978-2006 Cal Poly, Pomona, 1989-1992 State Staff

Teacher of Excellence
Outstanding Teacher
Honorary American FFA Degree
Distinguished Service Award

Flint grew up in Holtville, CA, and, being a member of the FFA himself, he served as the California FFA State President in 1962. He began his teaching career at Apple Valley High School and went on to serve as a teacher educator at Cal Poly Pomona. His passion and enthusiasm for agriculture education was evident in every course he taught; his classrooms remained invigorating throughout his career.

Flint has given so much of himself and his life to Agricultural Education, there is no doubt his enthusiasm for life and agriculture lives on in the individuals with whom he worked, including over two hundred student teachers and over forty masters degree candidates.


Bob Heuvel

1971-1974 Cal Poly, SLO, 1974-1980 Gonzales High School, 1980-1986 Reedley College,
1986-1990 Southern Region Supervisor, 1990-2014 State Supervisor

Outstanding Young Member, CATA
Teacher of Excellence
Honorary Golden State FFA Degree
Honorary American FFA Degree

In 1974, he began his teaching career at Gonzales High School, then moved to Reedley College where he started the Agricultural Business program. In 1986, Bob became the Southwestern and Southern Region Supervisor. Bob spent many hours on the road traveling from Sacramento to LA as he began to navigate the landscape in the Sacramento Office. Bob provided over site to the Agriculture Incentive Grant where he designed the data collection program, known as the R2 report.

In 1990, when Bob became the State Supervisor, there were 550 Agriculture Teachers, and 32,744 agricultural students. Upon retirement in 2014, there were 742 Agriculture Teachers and 72,445 students.  The Standards for Agricultural Education were also adopted by the State Board of Education.  Bob was an adult advisor to the National FFA Nominating Committee, served on the National FFA Board of Directors and was chair of the task force that recommended the National Convention move from Kansas City to Louisville.


Jean Landeen

1962-1966 UC Davis, 1967-1970 Peace Corps, 1971-1975 Grace M. Davis High School,
1976-1981 UC Davis, 1981-1986 North Coast Region Supervisor, 1986-2014 Central Region Supervisor

Teacher of Excellence
Honorary Golden State FFA Degree
Honorary American FFA Degree

Jean Landeen was a pioneer and tremendous leader in agriculture education in California throughout her entire career.  Despite having taught only 4 years in the classroom, she made a huge impact in our profession by developing AgEd Curriculum Guides, pioneering the development of urban agriculture programs, helping to write the AgEd State Standards and Frameworks documents and serving as the lead consultant in the early development of the California Ag in the Classroom movement. 

Ms. Landeen was a trailblazer.  She was one of the earliest females to devote her entire career to AgEd and was the first female hired to be part of the State AgEd Staff.